About us

Founded in 2018, Coastline Exploration has been established to help develop the hydrocarbon industry within East Africa. Following the discovery of commercial quantities of oil in Kenya and Uganda, coupled with world-class offshore gas reserves in Tanzania and Mozambique, Coastline Exploration believes there is huge potential for further significant oil and gas discoveries across the region.

Led by a senior management team with more than 150 years’ combined industry experience, Coastline Exploration has also signed an agreement with Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services company to utilize their services and expertise. A senior Schlumberger executive has joined our Board as a non-executive director.

We plan to work in partnership with local governments by entering into production sharing agreements, which will generate revenues for the duration of the development stage, demonstrating Coastline Exploration’s commitment as a long-term East African participant within the industry.

We will work to create sustainable relationships within East Africa, benefiting the communities in which we operate by developing and building vital infrastructure, training and employing local people and creating opportunities for local entrepreneurs to set up businesses that will support the oil and gas industry.

Collaboration is key to developing sustainable relationships, ensuring that our operations benefit both local and national communities and address their differing needs. Establishing two-way dialogues with all our partners is, therefore, a priority for our business.

We also firmly believe that, as a natural resource company, it is vital that we minimize our environmental impact by following the best practices developed by industry leaders with great efficacy in other areas of the world. Environmental stewardship is a core value for each and every one of us.