Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance

Our Corporate ESG Strategy places people and the environment at the heart of our practice, and we expect to be evaluated based on delivery of these goals.

Coastline Exploration operates subject to exacting best practice standards and according to extensive environmental and social regulations governing the impact on the communities and ecosystems in which we work. Based in Houston, Texas, and operating in East Africa, the Company abides by regulations in all applicable jurisdictions.

It is a matter of top priority for Coastline that our operations adhere to the letter and spirit of regulations, and we work to ensure that the environmental impact of our operations is minimised.

Central to our corporate strategy is the elimination of injuries among our employees, and we have clear policies and protocols to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and partners.

Devoted to the realisation of hydrocarbon resources for the benefit of East Africans, and working with East African governments, we share our partners’ aspirations for secure, equitable and long-term development. Service to the communities in which we operate lies at the heart of our mission.